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Münster, Germany

About Münster, Germany

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Münster lies in the North-Rhine in the rich Westphalia region of Germany that borders on the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is two hours away to the NW and two hours to the S is Frankfurt.

Like Fresno, it's flat or gently rolling terrain is perfectly situated to explore the area's 100 medieval water castles by bike thru connected green beltways.

Münster is known as “The Bicycle Capital of Europe”. A Promenade rings the old city center of Münster and is now a large tree-lined bike path that traces along the site of this ancient city's wall.

The students will be taken on many tours; including Berlin to see historic sights and the remains of The Wall.


You'll find that most people speak English in Münster, because the schools in this area start teaching English in the first grade, becoming more intensive throughout high school.

City Council Ambassador:

Mike Karbassi

Fresno City Councilman District 4


Committee Chair:

Kacey Auston

Co-Committee Chair:

Nick Yovino Jr.

Student Exchange Coordinator:

Nick Yovino Jr.

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