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Anjar, Lebanon

Guadalajara / Fresno Sister City

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Anjar is a wonderful little city located in the lush & fertile agricultural Bekaa Valley.

Following World War II, the Lebanese capital, Beirut, became a tourist destination and a financial capital, and was nicknamed "the Paris of the Middle East" thanks to its French influences and vibrant cultural and intellectual life. 


With a population of 550,000 the Bekaa Valley is located 20 miles east of Beirut. The Romans considered the Bekaa Valley to be their ‘bread basket’ because of the abundant productivity of its land, and today it remains Lebanon’s most important farming region. It has a Mediterranean climate of wet, often snowy winters and dry, warm summers. Wine making is a tradition that goes back 6,000 years in Lebanon and the Bekaa valley is home to dozens of world-renowned vineyards & wineries. It is also home to farmlands producing very sought-after tasty fruits and vegetables. The many invading armies and trading caravans passing through the valley throughout the ages left traces of their presence, examples of which are the gorgeous Roman temples in Baalbek and the ancient Umayyad city in Anjar.


The City of Anjar, in the eastern part of the valley, has a predominately Armenian Lebanese population. It is famous for its 8th century Umayyad city. One of the most spectacular temples in the city was built by the Phoenicians and Romans and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anjar is surrounded by lush fields and produces some of the best produce the valley has to offer.

About Anjar, Lebanon

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Luis Chavez

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Sevak Khatchadourian

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Imelda Golik

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