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Guadalajara, Mexico

About Guadalajara, Mexico

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It's no surprise that Fresno has a large Mexican influence as we have dubbed ourselves the Capital of Tacos. We have a large Mexican community that is deeply rooted in Jalisco and Guadalajara specifically. 

Officially established in 2022, the mutual partnership between the cities of Fresno and Guadalajara was signed by Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer and Guadalajara Mayor Jesus Pablo Lemus Navarro in Guadalajara, MX.


Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. It’s located in the central region in the Western-Pacific area of Mexico. Guadalajara is the 10th largest city in Latin America and the second most populous metropolitan area in Mexico. The city is named after the Spanish city of Guadalajara, meaning “river/valley of stones”.


Guadalajara is the cultural center of Mexico, considered by most to be the home of mariachi music and host to a number of large-scale cultural events such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival, UNESCO Book Capital for 2022-23 and globally renowned cultural events which draw international crowds. -Google.


For more information visit:


City Council Ambassador:

Luis Chavez

Fresno City Councilman


Committee Chair:

Martin Valencia

Student Exchange Coordinator:

Imelda Golik

COMING Events!



M Street Studios | 1419 M Street (@Tuolumne) | Downtown Fresno


Come and see the great photography of Tomas Casademunt: Muerte en el Altar.

Let's reconnect or be introduced to the Fresno-Guadalajara Sister Cities.   


WINE and beer | appetizers will be served

DONATIONS Accepted | Proceeds go to Fresno International Sister Cities (GDL)

Guadalajara / Fresno Sister City

Proposed Collaborations

If interested in a collaboration, please fill out the form or email Martin Valencia (

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Economic Development

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Safety and Security

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Arts and Culture

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Exchange Opportunities

We will be updating this space with exciting new Exchange Opportunities for students and individuals alike as we continue to build our new relationship with Guadalajara. If you are interested or have any ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

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