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The Big
Fresno Fair


Clovis Rodeo


Where is Fresno, CA?

Fresno is centrally located in California. It lies approximately 220 miles (350 km) north of Los Angeles, and 185 miles (300 km) southeast of San Francisco. 


Yosemite National Park is about 60 miles (100 km) to the north, Kings Canyon National Park is 60 miles (100 km) to the east, and Sequoia National Park is 75 miles (120 km) to the southeast.

Quick Fresno Facts

  1. Fresno was founded in 1872 as a result of the Southern Pacific Railroad

  2. Fresno is Spanish for "Ash Tree"

  3. The population of the city is over 530,000
    (Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2018)


  4. Fresno is the 5th largest city in California

  5. Fresno is centrally located between major markets in northern and southern California

  6. Fresno averages over 280 sunny days per year

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