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Galati, Romania

Current Mayor of Galati, Romania – Ionut-Florin Pucheanu


Galați,Romania is the capital city of Galați County in the historical region of Western Moldavia, in eastern Romania. Galați is a port town on the Danube River. According to the 2021 census it is the 8th most populous city in Romania. Galați is an economic center based around the port of Galați, the naval shipyard, and the largest steel factory in Romania, Galați steel works.


Galati landmarks include the Fortified Church of Precista (Biserica Precista), Galati Administrative Palace, University of Galati, Mavromol Church, The Orthodox Cathedral (Catedrala Arhiepiscopală), Palace of Justice, Maritime Terminal, Robescu Mansion (Casa Robescu), Craftsmen Synagogue.

City Council Ambassador:

Luis Chavez

Fresno City Councilman


Committee Chair:

Glen Roberts

About Galati, Romania

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