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Situated on the banks of the Indre River, Châteauroux is located right in the heart of central France; just like Fresno sits in the heart of California. It is south of Paris and easily reachable from Paris by car or train. It is the capital of the French department of Indre and the second-largest town in the province of Berry.


Mr. Gil Avérous is the city's current mayor and Mr. Jean-Yves Hugon is the deputy mayor.  Mr. Hugon heads up the Sister Cities Exchange program.

Châteauroux, was, historically, the site of a US Air Force base from 1952 to 1967.  This past presence of the US base in the city has created a special relationship between the city and the US. The special relationship is celebrated today with the presence of the US Museum and a biennial "Good Old Days" celebration (last held in 2022).

The 2024 Summer Olympics has chosen Châteauroux, for its National Shooting Center!  The city will host all shooting events and as such, will the city will have the honor to award the first medals for the 2024 Olympics.

City Council Ambassador:

Annalisa Perea

Fresno City Councilwoman


Committee Members

Georgine Sullivan - Chair

Denise Ulrich - Co-Chair

Jesus Maldonado


Karen Markland

Larry Roselle

Terri Pieretti

Joanne Gravanno

Marie McGinnis

Student Ambassador Coordinator

Georgine Sullivan

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Châteauroux - Big Little Ville

Educational exchanges at the high school level allow young people to develop interpersonal skills under the umbrella of citizen diplomacy. Participants often describe these exchanges as "a life-changing experience." Many current international or diplomacy leaders can trace their interest to their first sister city exchange.

There will be no program this year. 

Our student ambassadors were honored by Mayor Jerry Dyer and Council Member Annalisa Perea during the April 27th City Council Meeting.

ABC News was there to cover the event!

Our 2023, Fresno Student Ambassadors, in Châteauroux, France. The students were met at the airport and then welcomed at the Châteauroux, City Hall.

The local Newspaper, La Nouvelle République, covered the event!

5 French students experienced Fresno with their host families taking them on explorations of many California sites. Sister Cities hosted the students and host families to a fun BBQ Pool Party to celebrate their exchange experience!

Delegation Exchanges

Sister city programs encourage visits to each other's cities of delegations to build connections between municipal officials, institutions, and businesses. Delegation visits allow delegates access to local expertise, enabling access to new opportunities and resources.

Delegation Visit April 2023

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